Our grapes are grown on fincas named ValdelasieRRa, CaRRapeñafiel, ToRReáguila, CaRRalacena, CazoRRa and Los GuijaRRales. Winegrowing families such as the JuaRRanzes, CaRRascales, ToRRes, ARRoyos and the GuijaRRos take care of the land, which gave life to Doble R (Double R) wines.

It's not only the winery which has evolved over the years. Thanks to the new generations of winegrowers, the vineyards themselves have grown, both in size and quality - the fruit of hard and careful labour based on the best agricultural techniques.

Today, the winery has over 200 hectares of vineyards of various ages, with younger vines of 15-20 years of age, to the oldest vines, which date back more than 80 years. This allows us to create a line of wines of different nuances while still maintaining a common denominator: the Tempranillo variety, or Tinta del País.


Tempranillo o Tinta del País.




Arcillo-Calcáreos y Guijarro-Arenosos.


800-900 metros sobre nivel del mar.


3.500 Kg/Ha. (El CRDO Ribera del Duero permite hasta 7.000 Kg/Ha.).