Doble R Rosado

Rosé 100% Tempranillo, 100% Ribera del Duero. Doble R rosé is characterised by its strawberry-red colour. Fresh with a long taste, this wine merges our origins with new winemaking techniques.

Doble R Rosado

Tasting notes

On first impressions, it is clear and bright, with strawberry-red and blackcurrant-pink tones.

On the nose, its primary freshness stands out, with hints of red berry and floral fruits. A wine with its own personality which can be appreciated through its vintage mineral undertones.

On the palate it is smooth, crisp, creamy, and long-lasting for a rosé. A slight acidic finish leaves a refreshing after-taste.

Tecnical data

Grapes Varieties: 100 % Tempranillo. From vineyards with stocks from 15 to 25 years old.

Soils: Clayey – loam soils at an altitude of 800 m

Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks with a maximum capacity of 20,000 Kg at a controlled temperature of 16 to 18ºC.

Bottle aged for a minimum of 2 months before marketing Production: 30.000 bottles

Serve at 6-7 ºC

The Maritime Pine, symbol of our land – Fuentecén – stands majestically in the forest, where it witnessed the origins of the ancient winepresses and wineries. To one side, our winery, which is rooted in the customs of the past, adding innovative techniques and giving life to the story of Doble R.